About Us

Our Purpose.

On Feburary 22nd 2018, Lee Thornley took his own life which sparked pain, love, anger, unimaginable grief and a massive desire for change. Change in the stigma around poor mental health, change in the support that is available for young people and to better the wellbeing of everyone we can possibly reach. 

Lee Thornley was the most loving person we all had the pleasure to meet. It is so important to never forget your purpose, and Lee, you are our purpose. You left a Lee shaped hole in every single one of our hearts and you will never, ever be forgotten. You were, and still are, tremendously loved. No one will ever be able to bring happiness and joy into the dullest of rooms quite like you did. 

We will not let Lee's suicide go unnoticed, and we want to thank everybody for the continuous support we have recieved since creating the foundation in April, 2018.


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to teach teens to love who they are and not what they are. It does not matter how we look or how we talk, what matters is how we love and how we accept love from others. The healing journey with any sort of issue starts when you tell yourself that you deserve the help you are getting and that you deserve to work for your happiness. Here at The Lee Cooper Foundation, mental health issues of any degree are not seen as something to hate and battle against, but to nurture and learn how to live with. We give teens the tools they need to live a happy life, even when sometimes, it seems impossible. 

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to see a world where mental health stigmas are no longer accepted in society and we can all openly and freely disclose how we truly feel to the people we trust without fear of judgement or belittlement. Our Vision is to see 13-19 Year olds feeling empowered and equipt for the world of adulthood and navigating through the confusing path of growing up. We want to see safe, loving spaces like ours, around the world, but for now- we will stay cosy in Knowsley and watch our family grow to be happy, healthy and loving people. 

#Let'sChat drop in centre.

Date: Every Tuesday.

Time: 17:00 - 19:00.

Address: Comics Youth HQ in Liverpool City Centre, 76-78 Lord Street, the Fourth Floor.

The #Let'sChat Drop in Centre is a safe space for teenagers to visit to unload any worries or concerns they have. Each session is tailored to a personal journey, therefore each week we focus on a specific aspect of mental health and well-being. Our incremental aim is to equip our teens with skills which they can apply to every battle they face through life, ensuring they cope with those situations in a healthy manner. Your mental health is unique, so our sessions are unique too.

"Talking about suicide does not increase the chances of suicide, not talking does." 

Talking will not worsen your situation, however it is the first step towards receiving the support needed, to begin your well deserved journey to recovery. Each member of the foundation is trained in talking and listening therapy, so take a step in the right direction and join us for some needed conversations in a relaxed environment.

We welcome all teenagers to our drop in sessions, no matter their background, lifestyle or current state of mind. If you would like to attend but feel uncomfortable doing so, or know anybody who does, then do not hesitate to reach out. We will ensure that a member of the foundation will meet you beforehand to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and to introduce you to the lovely people who already attend. 

We welcome any guest speakers who would like to attend one of our sessions to deliver their own personal message. To get in touch email: theleecooperfoundation@gmail.com

We are available on all forms of social media, which you can also use as a tool to reach out for support. Do not be afraid to reach out to us, it is what we are here for.

- The Lee Cooper Team x


#Let'sChat in The Palm House.

Dates: Sunday 11th August, Sunday 8th September, Sunday 10th November and Sunday 8th December.

Time: 14:00 - 16:00.

Address: The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool, L17 1AP. 

The Lee Cooper Foundation are working in Partnership with Sefton Park Palm House to deliver monthly Let'sChat drop in sessions to South Liverpool. We tackle hard hitting issues such as self harm, suicide, depression, eating disorders etc in an easily accessible and personable way. There is no out of reach terminology, just plain and simple advice and guidance from people who genuinely care about the individual person. Every session is tailored to the groups needs, topics we find that come up we will always tackle. Everyone is appreciated, accepted and noticed. 

We have a number of media’s we use to tackle issues brought up, some of which are: writing workshops, art sessions, poetry sessions, personal step by step guides to recovery, presentations, group talking and idea sharing, and a further range of methods.

If you have any questions, or would like to attend, email: theleecooperfoundation@gmail.com